Selected works from the Melancholia (1949) exhibition

Fitri Graham Melancholia I 1949 oil on canvas.jpg

Fitri Graham
Melancholia I 1949
Oil on canvas, 61.1 x 40.7 cm
Fitri Graham Foundation Collection

Fitri Graham
Melancholia IX 1949
Oil on canvas, 167.6 x 111.8 cm
Fitri Graham Foundation Collection

Selected texts

Fitri Graham’s Diary Entries, 27 September – 16 November 1949, transcribed by Kate O’Boyle

Fitri Graham, Letter to A, Monika Proba.jpg
Fitri Graham’s Letter to “A”, 19 November 1949, Monika Proba Collection

Historical Notes and Provenance

Exhibition Review: “No emotion in Fitri Graham’s Melancholia” by Mark Hannon, The Sunday Newssheet, Sunday 20 November, 1949, discovered by Kate O’Boyle in her letterbox, mysteriously

Exhibition Review and Interview with Bernard Smith: “Melancholia by Fitri Graham at Sydney Painters’ Guild” by John Wells, Australian Painting Monthly, by Kathleen Linn and Bernard Smith

Statement by Fitri Graham’s friend, Sebastian Henry-Jones, October 2016

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